Man Who Recorded Video Of Ahmaud Arbery Being Shot Arrested On Murder Charge
Man Who Recorded Video Of Ahmaud Arbery Being Shot Arrested On Murder Charge
Shooting At Naval Air Station In Texas Considered “Terrorism Related’
Shooting At Naval Air Station In Texas Considered “Terrorism Related’
Thousands Forced To Evacuate After Flood Destroys Two Dams In Michigan

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  • Volunteers in Brooklyn step in to help low-income, immigrant residents May 25, 2020
    Elena Medoks/iStockBy PAULINA TAM, ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Whitney Hu knows the route by heart. Every Saturday morning, the 29-year-old wakes up at 6 o'clock to go to a theater-turned-warehouse in the heavily immigrant neighborhood of Sunset Park, Brooklyn, in New York City. There, she slips into the routine she has been performing since the […]
  • 'Heroes or hostages?': Communities of color bear the burden of essential work in coronavirus crisis May 24, 2020
    iStock/koto_fejaBy: CATHERINE THORBECKE, ABC News (NEW YORK) -- Raymond Copeland took pride in his work and being called one of "New York's strongest."The New York City Department of Sanitation worker even bought a plaque to display in his car reading "strongest," a nod to the epithet for the city agency, his daughter said.The 46-year-old, who […]
  • 'We don't need fine dining right now': What chefs are doing amid COVID pandemic May 24, 2020
    iStock/coldsnowstormBy: KELLY MCCARTHY, ABC News (NEW YORK) -- Canlis is a renowned fine-dining restaurant that has been a staple of the Seattle restaurant scene for nearly 70 years.It features a James Beard Award-winning chef and has boasted menu items like caramelized mussels, fried rabbit with garden herbs and soufflé, all prepared as works of art.But […]
  • Restaurants adopt DIY mantra to survive coronavirus shutdown May 24, 2020
    iStock/courtneykBy: BEATRICE PETERSON, ABC News (NEW YORK) -- Even as states across the country begin lifting stay-at-home orders, many businesses are still being forced to rethink how they can attract customers amid ongoing coronavirus fears. For some restaurants, that means the era of closely guarded secret recipes is over.Instead, they're converting their signature dishes into […]
  • As employee monitoring extends to workers' homes and health, some see civil rights threat May 23, 2020
    ake1150sb/iStockBY: SAMARA LYNN, ABC NEWS (NEW YORK) — Mark works for a Denver-area company that handles medical billing. In mid-March, he said he and his co-workers were told they would work from home as per the local stay-at-home COVID-19 mandate. Mark said he was also told by the manager that they had ways of monitoring […]